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Wet Cleaning

Wet Cleaning is the ultra environmentally friendly cleaning process.

Not to be confused with washing or laundering, wetcleaning is a process that can often be substituted for dry cleaning and is endorsed by Green Peace, the EPA, the Sierra Club, NRDC and a wide array of environmental groups.

Professional wet cleaning relies on specially formulated cleaning agents, dye stabilizers and conditioners that permit us to process many garments that we might otherwise have to dry clean or hand wash, all in an eco-friendly way with water.

Proper use of wet cleaning technology requires not only specially engineered cleaning, drying and finishing equipment, but advanced training in fabrics, dyes and garment construction, enabling us to pre-test and determine when it is the optimum cleaning process for a particular garment.

Our ability to offer professional wetcleaning services puts us in a rarified class of cleaners, who have mastered the skills and technology essential to this sophisticated process.

We are pleased and proud to be able to offer it to our customer.