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Dress shirts Clean &Press

Shirt Laundry isn’t as simple as you may think.

Ann Cleaners pay close attention to the details of your shirts, so you can pay attention to the myriad of other details clamoring for your attention.
Using the latest innovative equipment, our specially trained staff impart a professional finish with smooth surfaces, perfect collars and cuffs, and straight crisp button plaquets.

Broken and missing buttons are a thing of the past! Careful inspection ensures that buttons are tightened or replaced as needed.

Our “Button Guarantee”

When you have that occasional mishap, the cost of dinner doesn’t have to include the cost of a replacement shirt.

Our expert stain removal technicians can remove many of the most disastrous looking stains.

Shirts are returned on hangers or folded according to your preference.

More details

We offer 3 levels of shirt service:

Basic – Starts with a machine finished shirt on our specially tuned shirt finishing equipment. These state-of-the-art finishing systems are slowed down considerably from maximum capacity to emphasize quality over speed. Then, your shirts are given a basic hand touch-up to eliminate the impressions commonly seen on shirts produced at other laundry. This service is suitable for the vast majority of your shirts, and chosen by 80% of our clients to care for their fine shirt wardrobes.

Folded Box package – Also begins with a machine finish, followed by extensive hand touch-up which approximates a fully hand-finished shirt at a fraction of the cost. Shirts are packaged individually to maintain the quality finish.

Premium – This is the ultimate “Dry Cleaning and Hand Press” for you very finest shirts. Well suited to very delicate voile shirts, as well as costly, high-fashion, deep-hued shirts. Each shirt is fully hand-finished, inspected for every detail, and packaged individually with the sleeves carefully stuffed to preserve the fine french-laundry look.People will look at your shirts in a new way, as well!